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Wedding Peach by FreeKissForAll Wedding Peach by FreeKissForAll
Wedding Peach
Precisely what it says. A simple breakdown of the rules for using my bases, since there seems to be a bit of confusion.

:bulletyellow: Free for you to use; you do NOT need to ask permission.
Simple. You may use my bases. You do not have to ask me. I wouldn't have posted them if I didn't want people to use them.
:bulletyellow: Edits are allowed (i. e. hair, skin, gender, etc.)
This means ANY edits are allowed, but only for your personal use. Do NOT post your edits on dA or anywhere else unless I have given written permission for you to do so.
:bulletyellow: Give credit to me as the base maker, by putting either my icon or username in your artist's comments (ex: : iconfreekissforall : or : devfreekissforall : without the spaces).
This should be self-explanatory. I want credit for making the base. It's not an easy process, and it takes time and effort. I don't want to see someone taking my bases and using them, claiming they did all the work themselves.
:bulletyellow: Do not make a base of your own with this base.
Do not take my base and mix in with another to make a completely new base, and then post it as your own. End of story.
:bulletyellow: Frankendolling IS allowed, but make sure you have the other base maker's permission before doing so.
Means ASK PERMISSION from both base makers before you do this. No exceptions.
:bulletyellow: WORK HARD. I didn't spend three days on this to have it turned into crap.
Here's where the confusion seems to come in. "Crap", to me, is defined by lack of effort. NOT skill. So what if you're not that good at dolling. Big whoop. All I ask is that you TAKE YOUR TIME. PUT SOME EFFORT INTO YOUR WORK. THAT IS ALL.
:bulletyellow: Show me what you make! I'd love to see!
Why is this so hard? Copy the URL of your deviation, and paste it into a comment on the base you used. Then click submit. I want to see what you've done, even if you think it's bad.
:bulletyellow: Have fun!
Just what it says. Enjoy yourself. Art is supposed to be fun. Okay?
STFU About Trace Bases Or Better Yet GFTO My Page
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ChaosCat08 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
used your base, here is link:…
LinaMASUKA Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ahh, I remember this anime :iconmoemoeplz:
chibi-tsundere-neko Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its soooo cute i like it
Nay-Hime Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2009
Great job :3
HakuYuki Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2009
:D Wedding peach!
Phoenix-Angel-Zia11 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2009
great job on this...I may use this one ^^ <looks through your gallery> and many more perhaps, if that's okey =3
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April 15, 2009
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